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With all our services "ON DEMAND", we become an extension of your team exactlywhen and where you need us most.

Every service we offer can be at your fingertips exactly when you need them - all for a low monthly subsciption fee. 


You simply sign up for the monthly hour package that suits your needs.  Then at any time (planned or last-minute), tell us the service(s) you need executed and we take it from there.  We become an extention of your team - without the high cost of payroll!

TRA distinguishes itself through our special, non-traditional approach to developing and executing a business or marketing strategy.  The complete spotlight is on Perception Management - helping you understand how your company, products or services are perceived in your markets.


We develop strategic initiatives (tactics) that position and communicate information in order to influence the perceptions formed by your target audience.  The results are accurate and sustainable perceptions of everything you do in your respective markets.

Imagine, all training, coaching, strategy and marketing services are all available ON DEMAND whenever you need them!


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Understanding What People Think

Any organization can move forward with small incremental changes, but building for a sustainable future in today’s rapidly evolving environment means understanding exactly how you are perceived both internally and externally in the markets where you compete.  Sustainable growth requires making bold, insightful decisions to enhance your market position.

By performing a perception analysis, TRA guides you through understanding how your products, services and company overall, are perceived both internally and externally out in the markets where you compete.  

Once completed, this type of analysis serves as the foundation to your overall business and marketing strategy development.

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Business Brainstorm
Business Meeting


Actionable, Competitive Intelligence

We do an extensive examination of what companies are doing to stay relevant and competitive in your market space, and which ones are doing it best. We then review the analysis on how your company is perceived and strategize using a proven methodology and leveraging global resources to understand the implications and position your products and services effectively.


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Expert Guidance, Training & Coaching 

One to One Business Coaching

- Emotional Intelligence

- Strategy and Ideation

- Presentation Skills

- Organizational Development

- Team Building

And much more!

With over 60 years of combined leadership experience, our team has the capabilities and expertise to help take your business to the next level. At TRA Perception Management™, we combine our insights and skills to counsel you on developing the most effective business and marketing strategies that can grow your business. We’re proud to help shape and improve how our client's products, services and companies are perceived in their market place.

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With "On Demand" Subscriptions Available

With years of business & marketing experience across several industries, TRA and our partners have the ability to help take your marketing (strategy and knowledge) to an entirely new level.

Following a distinctive approach to marketing, we use our proprietary system to transform your marketing processes, strategies, collateral, and in turn, your company. 


We can help you develop and position your products and services for their best success and sustainability.


A Full Array of Disruptive Marketing Services

* Go-to-Market Plans

* Product Launch

* Digital Marketing (All Social Media)

* Marketing Automation Processes

* Website content

* eCommerce

* Market Research

* Competitive Intelligence

* Market Opportunity Assessment

* Product Ideation & Development

* Annual Product Marketing Plans

* Perceptual Mapping 

* Product Messaging & Positioning

* Forecast Scenarios and Models

* Marketing Collateral Planning

* Full Creative & Design Services

With all our services available "ON DEMAND", we become an extension of your team when and where you need.


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