TRA Perception Management™ solves client challenges by providing a unique and comprehensive approach backed by our team of experienced partners. Our proprietary process fosters collaboration and innovation that ensures we not only understand the core perceptions of clients, but also help them successfully develop the right strategy, products and services for their respective markets so they achieve their desired outcomes. 





Ensuring the right customer connections

Often times our clients have many of the incredients they need to succeed.  They just require some new resources and support to make a strategic jump to the next level of growth.  Having an extended team to help implement a strong CRM system can do just that.   As a subscriber to our "ON DEMAND" service, we were engaged to work on this project for several hours a month to help choose and then implement a new CRM system.  We managed their full installation and platform training.  We used principles of Perception Management™  to ensure the execution went as expected.  The end result was spectacular. By ensuring consistent and transparent communication and training, their sales teams and upper management were completely aligned and our client was able to successfully grow their customer management strategy.

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A Story of Success

We approached this project carefully as it was our very first undertaking of this scale in a Healthcare IT environment. With a focus on Perception Management™, we studied our client’s business and developed a focused and effective strategy - and then watched it grow. What started out as trying to raise awareness for the Health & Wellness sector offering, turned into a full fledged "go to market" strategy that involved multiple products launched.

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Turning a New Page in Awareness

Clients often approach raising awareness and "branding" themselves without having all information pieces of the puzzle in place.  Perception Management™ helps them understand how employees and customers really perceived their brand and products.   We successfully identified a disconnect between how management thought their products were perceived vs. reality.  We were then able to jump right in with our expertise and helped the company evolve their positioning based on desired perceptions. Today, their products are doing well, and we’re proud to have been part of the process.

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"On Demand"

Using Percpetion Management™ as a platform for new manager success.

Newly promoted managers often struggle with getting off to the best start in their new roles. Our client is a monhtly subscriber to our "ON DEMAND" services.  Using a Perception Management™ approach, we are used to work with new managers 1-1 and help them understand the deep workings of their corporate culture and current team environment.  With an emphasis on emotional intelligence and situational leadership, we worked with each manager to develop an actionable 90-day plan that allowed them to achieve early wins and create a strong foundation of credibility and leadership.  We successfully help these new sales and marketing managers begin to reach their full potential as great leaders for the future.

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