If you change perceptions, you change what's possible!

Market forces seem to be changing at neck-breaking speeds. Many companies have a lack of internal bandwidth or some key missing expertise. With today’s cost pressures, competitive environment, always-changing technology, mergers, acquisitions, new brands, new products, and new opportunities, its enough to make your head spin!

Whatever the reason, the landscape for B2B companies is changing faster than ever.  It's time for a new way to approach your business and marketing strategy!

Whether you offer products, services or something in between, you need ideas that are strategic, tech-savvy, efficient, results-driven and sustainable.  We can help!

TRA Perception Management is a distinctive B2B business and marketing strategy company that starts with your big picture to ensure you understand all the perceptions surrounding your products, services or company.  Leveraging this information, we develop initiatives that are closely integrated and communicated across all channels (internal and external). 


After all, if your business and marketing strategy efforts aren’t working together, they are working against you!   This is where we come.

We are available exactly when you need us and even offer a unique "ON DEMAND" subscription service that allows you to use any of our services when, where and how you need them - all for a low monthly fee that won't break your bank!

Why we are the business and marketing strategy firm for you?

Whether you need some 1-1 business or marketing coaching, a go-to-marketing strategy for new products, HR and Corporate Development services, Training or anything in between, TRA is a great partner to grow your business with because:

  • We specialize in helping all types of B2B companies grow in the toughest niches and reach the hardest-to-find audiences for their products and services.

  • We can help you build awesome, disruptive brands, generate tons of leads and support your sales funnel from first contact through closing the busines


  • We have in-house or partner expertise in everything from business planning, HR, content marketing and social media to website development, eCommerce, digital advertising, SEO and graphic design.

  • We are analytics experts!  Want to really understand exactly how you, your company, products or services are perceived in your respective markets?  We can find out where, why and how you are perceived and leverage this information to develop strategies that produce sustainable results!

  • We are not just another strategy firm or advertising agency.  We become an extension of your existing teams and can do everything from strategic planning to full tactical execution.  And everything is tightly integrated.

  • We offer a personal touch and partnership that the folks on Madison Avenue can’t provide…and our rent is a whole lot lower!



Perception is king in your markets, let us develop your crown!

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